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Below is a list of the genres being taught at The Next Step Performing Arts Center, LLC.  For more detailed information in regards to the location of the classes, please feel free to contact her at :  (225) 362-1886

We are excited to bring to you quality instruction and choreography throughout the performing year.


Mommy & Me –

This class is designed specifically for our 18 month – 3 years of age toddler.  The one hour class is used to prepare the student for a more structured class without parent participation.  Each child brings with them a parent or guardian that will monitor them continuously during class, assisting them in various skills, stretches and exercises designed to enhance their motor development skills, agility as well as their coordination and focus.  This class will perform with the preschool tumbling class in our end of the year revue.

Creative Movement-  

 This class is designed for children 2 - 3 years of age.   The 30 minute class is used as a transition between our Mommy and me class, and our Preschool Dance Class.  Its a combination of activities and excercises that are specifically designed to prepare your child for a structured dance class.  Parents begin this class in the room, and gradually work their way to the lobby waiting room.  This is a non performance class. 


Preschool Tumbling – 

 This class is designed for the 3 to 6 year old tumbler.  The class is used to prepare the student for a more serious tumbling class.  Class is structured with music and props as well as brightly colored equipment to encourage the students to stay focused and alert, using self control to execute skills on demand instead of impulse. 

Students will learn preschool and primary level stretching, strengthening, flexibility and endurance skills and drills.  Preschool and primary level tumbling and  mat skills will also be covered.  A Tumbling routine will be performed with the Mommy & Me class in our end of the year revue.

Students must be potty trained and be able to stand in a line without roaming around the room. 


 Preschool Dance & KinderDance        

  Preschool dance & Kinderdance lesson are an ideal way for kids from 3-5 to develop their spacial, body and directional awareness, while learning basic dance skills and exercising their imaginations.

Dancers are directed through dance-related activities that are age-appropriate and fun! The focus starts with body awareness, balance and coordination in an environment that is filled with fun and action. Many of the exercises are set to music to make them easy to remember.

As students progress they will learn "preparatory dance": the basics of placement, posture, form and rhythm through introductory ballet and tap movements. A ballet and/or Tap dance will be performed at our end of the year revue. 





Ballet - Levels Primary through Five

 A theatrical representation of a story or abstract idea by means of dance or pantomimic actions, usually accompanied by music.  Students begin serious ballet training at approximately 7 years of age.  Students will learn classical ballet technique and terminology.  They will learn many short combinations in class as well as a performance routine to be used in the revue at the end of the year.

  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.  In order to be a great jazz/lyrical/ballet dancer, it is important to have a strong foundation in ballet.    

 Pre - Pointe--    

 This is a thirty minute ballet class specifically designed for the levels three and four student interested in dancing en pointe.    Students will begin class in regular ballet slippers and will transition into demi pointe shoes once the instructor has determined her to be strong enough as well as meeting all the criteria necessary to continue training toward the goal of dancing en pointe.   This class is for the more serious dancer and requires the attendance in an additional ballet class during the week.  This is a technique class only and WILL NOT perform an additional routine in the end of the year revue.


Pointe –   By invitation only

 ADVANCED BALLET STUDENTS ONLY This advanced ballet class incorporates both soft shoe as well as training en pointe.  Your instructor will inform you when you have reached the level in your training that will allow you to begin training "sur la pointe". This means on the points.  The raising of the body to the tips of the toes.  First introduced in the late 1820's at the time of Taglioni.  It is very harmful to the body to begin pointe training before approx. 11 years of age.  This class makes up our classical ballet production which is performed annually at the end of the year revue.



 Tap--   Levels Primary through Five

To dance while making rhythmic clicking sounds by means of metal plates screwed to the bottom of a dance shoe.  Tap Dancing has joint roots in Irish/Scottish dancing and African dancing and had developed greatly throughout the last 150 years.  Students will learn Tap Dance history as well as technique.  They will perform a tap dance in the revue held at the end of the spring session.

 Jazz -- Levels Primary through Five

A stylized form of theatrical dancing conceived in America, given birth by the established and varied techniques of folk and classical dance.  It is a blend of European and African traditions in which the European influenced contributed the elegance and the African influenced the rhythmic propulsion.

 Students may enter this class at six years of age.  Students will learn stretching and flexibility techniques as well as locomotors skills, progressions across the floor, short center combinations as well as a routine to be performed at the end of the year revue. 





Hip-hop --   Primary, Junior, Teen -   A style of dance that incorporates street dance.  It redefines and reinvents many early vernacular jazz dances and movements.  Backed up by popular music, many characteristics of African dance are evident.   Students will learn Popn & Lockn Wavin, Tickin, B boyn and breakdancing basics as well as hiphop history.  Students tear up the stage at the end of the year show! 


 Lyrical Dance - Level Two through Five

 A fluid style of jazz dance blending movements from European classical ballet, American modern dance and ethnic dance forms.  The chorographic expression of the performer, with respect to content and projection, interprets the lyrics and/or quality of the music.  Students will perform a lyrical dance piece at the performance held at the end of May.






Contemporary Dance -- Levels Four and Five

 Contemporary Dance has become the “rage” in the wake of the “So You Think You Can Dance”, television program.  It is a combination of Modern, Post Modern, and Ballet & Jazz Dance.  Focusing on line, style, shape and dynamic.  It is for the advanced dancer that has already found success in our jazz, ballet and lyrical classes.

A routine will be performed in our end of the year dance revue. 

Stretching & Flexibility -

 This is a non performance technique class, specifically designed to enhance the flexibility and strength of our dancers, twirlers and tumblers.  Students must be at least 9 years of age and also be involved in weekly classes.  This is not a DANCE class.  Floor stretching, standing stretching as well as strengthen exercises will be covered weekly.  Set in a manner in which, more difficult skills will be “stacked” on top of the skills learned in earlier classes.  This class is especially beneficial for students interested in our competitive team opportunities or students wishing to audition for school teams.


 Baton Twirling – Novice through Advanced

 Baton Twirling has been said to have been born of Swiss flag swings and Polynesian Fire Twirling.  Students will learn the history and fundamental technique and terminology for one baton, two baton, tall flag, rifle, sabre and various other pieces of equipment.  This class prepares students for competitive baton twirling as well as Winterguard competitions. It would also benefit students wishing to audition for school majorette lines or Flag lines.  To receive the best training possible, it is recommended that these students also take at least on ballet class in addition to this class.





 ·         Every level within this curriculum will take an average of two years for most students’  to complete. 

 ·         As you are aware, dance is a physical art, and takes repetition to master the movement, coordination, balance and flexibility demands on each level.  Our two year method gives us a year of introduction and technical understanding of   new material and a year of mastery of that same material.  There will be instances, when children will be moved forward more quickly, or even retained to allow for a maturing of their technique.  If you feel your child is not placed on the appropriate level, please feel free to schedule a private evaluation (at your expense) to have your child considered for a higher level.


·         If you have any issues in regards to the professional in charge of your child’s class, please feel to send a private email to [email protected].


PRESCHOOL DANCE  – Develops an enjoyment of music and movement as well as a positive self-image as our primary goals.  This class is one hour of pre-ballet, tap and creative movement skills designed for the 3-4 1/2 year old.  Basic ballet and tap terms and steps are taught along with creative movement activities to stimulate your child’s creative imagination.  Simple routines in song and dance are performed in the spring recital.

KINDER DANCE  – This is a one-hour class for 4  to 5 1/2 years of age combining ballet, tap and creative movement activities in a combination class.  Basic listening skills and following directions are emphasized while learning the more advanced basic fundamentals of ballet and tap.  Simple routines in both ballet and tap are taught for the spring recital.  Students usually remain in this level for two years.  When the student is independent enough to complete their revue routines without looking at the teacher on the side of the stage they are ready to move onto our Primary Level.

 PRIMARY DANCE – This is a 1½ hr. class for our  5 1/2 –8 year students, combining ballet, jazz, and tap in a combination. Continuation of skills in ballet and tap are taught as well as basic beginning skills in jazz.  Routines in ballet, tap and jazz are performed in the spring recital.  Students continue to take a more mature and disciplined attitude toward their dance.  This is a faster moving class with emphasis on progressing to the next level, which will contain hiphop and lyrical classes as well as being eligible to audition for our competition team “The Showstoppers”.   Students should be able to maintain proper body alignment in all positions of the feet and arms.  Students will begin exploring the theory of  movements of the head and focus.

 LEVEL ONE – This is a two hour class combining ballet, tap, and jazz and lyrical in combination.  This is for the student age s 7-9 yrs. and in at least 2nd grade.  Basics in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical dance are taught and performed in the spring recital.  This gives the student a chance to be introduced to the different forms of dance so that they can either continue in all subjects or choose which style they wish to continue to study for the next year.  Students begin exploring the theory of turns and jumps a be able to execute a solid single pirouette.

 LEVEL TWO  – This is a two & a half  hour class combining ballet, tap, and jazz and lyrical in combination.  This is for the student age 9 -11 yrs. and in at least 4rd grade.    Advanced Beginner Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical dance are taught and performed in the spring recital.  This gives the student a chance to be introduced to the different forms of dance so that they can either continue in all subjects or choose which style they wish to continue to study for the next year. These students should be accomplishing a solid single pirouette with a strong “spot” and be working on their double pirouette before advancing into this level.  In some instances, a pre pointe class may be offered to these students as well.

 LEVEL THREE -   This is a Three hour Intermediate level class combining ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, and lyrical dance.  This is for the experienced student ages 10 – 12 years old and in at least 5th grade.    These students should be accomplishing a solid double  pirouette with a strong spot as well as working toward mastering the triple pirouette as well as 5 consecutive single pirouettes from 5th position, before advancing to this level.  They should be exploring a viariety of turns and leaps before advancing to this level.  A pre pointe class may be offered to these students as well.

LEVEL FOUR –   This is a Three and a half hour Advanced Intermediate level class, combining ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop lyrical and contemporary dance.  This is for the experienced student of 11 – 14 years old and in at least the 5th grade.  These students should be accomplishing a solid Triple pirouette as well as 5 consecutive single pirouettes from 5th position, before advancing to this level.  They should be exploring a viariety of turns and advanced leaps.  This level will also accommodate our Beg Pointe Students.  Students participating in our pre pointe program should be graduating into their pointe shoes but remain at the barre for all work.

LEVEL FIVE - This is designed for the more serious student that is currently dancing en pointe .  These are separate classes offered in a four hour block. This includes a thirty minute tap class, 1 hr. ballet class, Thirty minutes of intermediate to advanced level pointe work, a one hour jazz class;  and a  one hour  lyrical class.  Students may choose to only do one subject at this level or continue in all five, but ballet is required.    Students will have the opportunity to be in the end of the year revue, performing a routine in each subject and may also try out for special parts in the ballet production.  Students should be able to execute a clean triple jazz and ballet pirouette ,   a forward and reverse illusion, various floor work, turns,  beats,  jumps and leaps  on request in addition to 16 Single footed Releve’s en pointe on each foot w/ proper technique as well as  pirouettes  en pointe.  This student should be able to execute a series of center floor soft shoe fouette turns and or turns ala seconde.


This curriculum should be considered a year-round program.  Students should try to keep their technique strong by doing at least one ballet workshop during the summer months and two workshops during the Fall/Spring session.

 There are multiple classes available on each level and students are encouraged to take as many classes as possible to help further their artistic development.


Pointe Readiness and Shoe Preparation


Pointe work is for


It takes many years of ballet training to prepare yourself to begin training en pointe.  There are many factors to be considered before your training may begin.

As with any potentially dangerous activity,



Please see Mrs. Christine for a pointe readiness evaluation BEFORE purchasing pointe shoes.


For more information on the history of pointe, the anatomy of the pointe shoe, how to sew on ribbons and a few pointe shoe companies, please visit the link below:



To view a short (2 minute) movie on the production of pointe shoes, please visit the link below












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